My Gift to You...Best Apps for Nonprofit Leaders

GEEK ALERT!!!.... I have decided to spend December sharing my super geek-ness with you, my loyal fans! I am kicking the month off with a look at the tools I use to make my life easier.

There's never enough time or money to get our work done. I get it. I share your pain as a solopreneur. Aside from being a leadership geek, I also consider myself to be a bit of a technology nerd. Today, I am featuring my list of 10 Top Apps/Programs that all leaders need in order to do their jobs better in a digital age.

Calendar Apps

Oh my gosh...I have to say that scheduling appointments with people is an exhausting task. You know how it goes. It starts with throwing out a few dates for a possible meeting and it ends up with a long email chain of "yes", "no", and "what time" comments. In my first few months of doing business, I found scheduling to be my biggest time suck. I also recalled that this was a major problem back when I was an ED without an assistant.

Acuity-Acuity Scheduling is...

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