It's Complicated

This is about to get very real. I'm about to share a bit about my personal challenges as both a solopreneur and leadership coach.


In the last seven months, I've lost my mom, 2 dogs and have had cervical spinal surgery.  I've also managed to embark on a new coaching certification and build my business in ways that I could never have imagined.


This isn't a personal pity party. My mom raised me to be a resilient, strong, fearless woman.


But here are the facts.  I've been going in "fifth gear" since September 20th.


For the first two months after my mother died, I focused my energy on cleaning out her house. Determined to get it on the market quickly, I amped up my project management skills. I coordinated auctioneers, cleaners, and teams of repair specialists.


I was devastated and angry about her sudden passing.  So, I dumped all of that negative energy into dealing with the house. After two deals fell through (more anger, more...

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