Can Synergy Leadership Circles Change your Life?


Life Without A Synergy Leadership Circle

·      Flying without a “safety net”…no place to try out new behaviors and to get feedback

·      Unlimited excuses for avoiding the “leadership muscle” gym

·      A feeling that no one really “gets” what it is like to live in the wacky world of nonprofits

·      A sense that people think that every day you are solving the world’s noblest problems and you are always fulfilled and self-actualized…on a daily basis

·      A brain brimming with frustration and great stories that others don’t want to hear (and maybe won’t believe anyway)

·      A feeling of resentment for never having time for yourself

·      Educational offerings that don’t get to the heart of what you need to lead in a nonprofit environment

Life With a Synergy Leadership Circle

·      Goodbye, loneliness…finally a group of peers that get you

·      A personal fan club…no parades or confetti…but a group of people cheering you on through your successes

·      Accountability partners…increasing your chances of actually changing your results

·      Scheduled time for professional development without leaving your laptop and where you can have lunch with some pretty cool people

·      A paradigm shift…ahhh, this is what “not urgent but important” feels like…

·      The rebirth of the pen-pal concept…your own Facebook group where you can ask for advice and people will write you back

·      A new internal GPS system for navigating your leadership journey

·      A toolbox of leadership goodies on such topics as feedback and planning that you can share with your staff and board and that will give you that “rock star” feeling

Six sessions…12 peers…a life-changing coaching experience… Your call.

Registration is now open for our Summer sessions.

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