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Organizational Sustainability for Nonprofits: How are your Mission and Money are Inseparable


The event is free for Nonprofit Executives and Board Members.


Financial management and financial leadership sound alike, but are quite different. While financial management involves creating and overseeing a budget, financial leadership is the skill needed to pilot your nonprofit to long-term sustainability and is required of key executives and board members. How to monitor and assess your organization for optimal effectiveness using internal and external financial statements.

  • Understanding the new 2018 financial changes and how to promote and elevate your organization using them
  • Tips for aligning your budget and forecast with your strategic plan
  • Strategies for communicating with financial institutions using financial statements
  • Planning for challenges like increased services and decreased revenue
  • Insights into developing your role as a leader in educating your staff, Board and team around mission effectiveness and budget

Contact Betsy Storey-Bono at: or 610-433-5501 with any questions.