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Meet Deb Cummins Stellato

Passionate igniter of compassionate people and organizations.                                                                                  

Deb Cummins Stellato is an insightful and experienced adviser specializing in future focused solutions for nonprofits. Nonprofit organizations and their leaders face unique challenges. Deb brings robust experience to organizations as a consultant, coach, trainer and presenter.  

What distinguishes Deb from other coaches and consultants? 

Experience from the Trenches: It is one thing to study nonprofit leadership and another to be a nonprofit leader. In her tenure as CEO of Habitat for Humanity of the Lehigh Valley, Deb provided the vision to launch the Habitat Lehigh Valley Re-Store and Neighborhood Revitalization program. As interim Executive Director of Meals on Wheels Lehigh County, Deb's experience as a change management agent has helped move the agency forward in forging strategic partnerships.

Lifelong learner of all things non-profit: With an undergraduate degree in Social Work and Master's degree in Organizational Development, Deb has the perfect educational background to understand people and systems. Selected as a participant in the inaugural class of the Rider-Pool Fellowship, she has continued to learn new ways of working through collaboration and collective impact initiatives. A self proclaimed "leadership geek", Deb prides herself in understanding the best practices and newest trends in nonprofit management.

A unique ability to see and help others articulate the big picture and to execute on it!  Strategic Thinker. Synthesizer. Deb has ready insight into and understanding of things. Deb's Whole Brain Thinking approach to leadership allows her to effectively diagnose organizational problems and to support leaders in developing future focused solutions and action plans. 

Lifelong commitment to diversity and inclusion: From travelling with the AIDS quilt to advising affinity support groups at the collegiate level, Deb has spent her life advocating for inclusion. Additionally, her experience as an employee of the largest diversity and inclusion firm in the U.S. provided her with cutting edge tools to rethink how organizations can look at diversity and inclusion differently.

Certified leadership coach: With certifications in both The Leadership Challenge and Whole Brain Thinking, Deb is well equipped to coach individual leaders and teams. 

Member of The PANO Consultant Collaborative which connects nonprofit organizations with experienced, like-minded professional consultants to increase efficacy and impact through collaborative, needs-based counsel.

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